Our ownership philosophy is to provide stable returns for our partners and investors while also delivering quality buildings for our tenants and clients throughout our portfolio.
Ownership Philosophy
What makes NCP Capital the best in the industry?
NCP Capital is an industrial and logistics real estate development company focused on the acquisition and development of industrial and logistics properties in key North American markets. NCP has developed or is developing properties in key logistics markets including Atlanta, Tampa, and Charleston with an estimated end-value of over $ 600 million and over 9,000,000 SF. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, NCP has regional partners in Atlanta, Fort Worth, Tampa, and Charlotte.
About Us
Jeff Nickol founded NCP Capital and has been in the industrial and commercial real estate business for over 32 years.
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Development and Investment Paths

New Development Logistics Locations

New Development Logistics Locations of 80-250 acres. Sites need to be ideally located on the east coast and provide ideal logistics capabilities for the growing e-commerce end user markets. Generally develop buildings from 250,000-1,000,000 SF.

Value Add

Value Add commercial real estate investments typically target properties that have in-place cash flow, but seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements to or repositioning the property. Generally, since at the time of acquisition, the property is not operating at its full potential—often times because it is not fully leased, is leased at below market rents, has not been properly maintained or is poorly managed.


Opportunistic real estate investments follow the value add approach but takes it a step further on the risk spectrum. Opportunistic properties tend to need significant rehabilitation to realize their potential. Often these assets will be fully vacant at the time of acquisition.


Build-to-Suit is a building specifically constructed to meet the design, location, and physical specifications of a client/tenant. A building may be developed based on a build-to-suit set of specifications.

Investment Criteria:

  • Ideally located Logistics sites accommodating from 250,000-1,000,000 SF
  • New site development, Value Add, Opportunistic, and Build-to-Suit projects
  • $1-150 MM
  • Tier I-Tier II Cities
  • Industrial
NCP Capital
Our Tenants

Across our investment portfolio, we have an amazing portfolio of tenants including those listed below.